Cambria City Ethnic Festival


Since its inception, this yearly free event has been held in this friendly, historic neighborhood of Johnstown, Pa. Church tours, ethnic foods, music and dance along with some contemporary fare are staples of this Labor Day Weekend Event. 

We receive visitors from around the US and from many countries. 

We have numerous festival participants and entertainment venues throughout the Cambria City Section of Johnstown.

Unofficial Event visitor statistics 2007: 41 states & 5 countries, 2008: 32 states & 10 countries, 2009: 39 states & 6 countries (as compiled by staff at Ace's) 

 The Ethnic Festival's predecessor was the National Folk Festival, an itinerant event,  which was held in the same Cambria City neighborhood in 1990-1992. 

Our Facebook page: CambriaCity EthnicFestival receives daily visitors from around the world and is the best way to enjoy the traditions of our ancestors.